Top 10 Best Meat Grinders of 2017- Buyer’s Guide

Planning to buy a new Electric Meat Grinder this season? Find the leading Best Meat Grinder of 2017 reviews in this article and get the perfect piece for your home. A meat grinder at home ensures that you are having safe ground meat every time. With its optimum texture and quality control, you can produce high quality and healthy ground meat at home.

Explore the Top Best Meat Grinders 2017

Just like other home appliances, an electric meat grinder is necessity of every kitchen. With its wonderful meat grinding and texture making features, it makes meat grinding an easy task for you. With a best electric meat grinder, you can process all kinds of meats including chicken and beef. Are you looking for coarsed or shredded meat and have nothing to work with? Try out a new electric meat grinder and create your desired texture. Electric meat grinders are now preferred over traditional manual mills as they are long lasting and quick. Grinding meat has never been easy. Just put the meat inside the electric grinder and it will handle the rest. We are putting up this article to make your choice of best meat grinder easy by including top meat grinder reviews.

Choosing the best grinder made easy:

With our Best meat grinder 2017 reviews, the process of choosing the best meat grinder becomes easy and simple. We have researched and gathered some of the best meat grinders and reviewed them to make all features clear to you.

Meat Grinder Size:

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a new Electric meat Grinder is its size. Market is full of grinders with multiple sizes and shapes. Best thing about big sized meat grinders is that they are equipped with a big and powerful motor that helps you in processing the meat faster and in large quantities. However, on the other hand, manual mills and small electric meat grinders take more effort and time to process meats. Moreover, small mills come with smaller feed tubes which does not allow you to process big amounts of meat easily.

Grinder Plates:

Meat grinders are always equipped with a plate that is often known as cutting plate or grinder plate. The basic purpose of the plate is to chop and process the meat according to your requirements. These plates are often made up of Stainless steel or carbon and they have lots of holes on them. While processing meat, meat is pushed through the holes and grinder blades cut the meat to create perfect ground meat for you. These grinder plates come in different sizes and you can choose one according to your Best meat grinder 2017’s size.

Apart from size, these round shaped meat grinder plates have different type of holes to produce normal, coarse and fine ground meat for you. Most of the electric meat grinders come with one grinder plate and some have two or three plates with them. However, you can easily buy these plates from the market, according to the size of your meat grinder and your requirements of ground meat. In order to process fine ground meat, always use “1/4″, “1/8″, or “3/16″ diameter holes grinder plates. For coarse grind meat processing, you can use medium sized grinder plates. “½” sized grinder plates are preferred for big size of ground meat.

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel Grinder Plates

Grinder plates come in Stainless steel and Carbon steel and both are popular in the market. Stainless steel grinder plates are often expensive than Carbon steel plates but they are more reliable and long lasting when compared to Carbon steel plates. Carbon steel plates are often prone to get rusty and they are not as sharp as Stainless steel plates. Carbon steel also require extra care to avoid rust and they are often needed to kept oily so that they may not get rusty.

Electric vs. Manual Grinders

Both Electric and Manual grinders are available in the market and you have to choose whichever you like the most. Manual grinders work well but they do require extra effort on part of the user. Grinding meat with a manual Grinder is often time taking but this is not the case with an electric grinder. Electric grinder makes the process fast and quick by processing meat with its sharp grinding plates. Electric meat grinders are good for stuffing sausages. You can complete your work in a very short time while using an electric meat grinder.

Performance of the Meat Grinder:

Meat mincing products vary largely in sizes and shapes. However, the performance of each meat grinder depends upon the quantity of meat you are going to process. Small machines with small motors are good for casual use, but for professional or day to day use of grinding meat, you are going to need a large electric meat grinder with big motor. Large grinders come with bigger motors and higher horsepower that provide extra power for grinding large quantities of meat.

Safety and Cleaning of Meat Grinders:

It is essential to keep your grinder and blades clean after every use for a safe and healthy use. Always assemble a grinder correctly and keep all pieces in order to avoid any mishap. Most of the good meat grinders allow easy disassembling and cleaning of parts. However, some meat grinders do not allow you to disassemble its parts and you are bound to clean the different parts of grinder manually.

Durability of Meat Grinder

Most of the best meat grinder 2017 come with durable design and working material that allows you to work with the product without any fear of damage or defect. However, you should consider warranty of the product while buying an electric meat grinder. Most of the good companies cover the essential components of a meat grinder including plates, screw and tube in warranty. The warranty period normally ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Some companies also offer extended warranty coverage for motor of your meat grinder.

Best meat grinder 2017 reviews:

We have gathered world’s top 10 electric meat grinders for your kitchen in these reviews. Consider these reviews and save money.

  1. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000 Turbo Force

STX Turbo force 3000 Model Series offers you a super fast meat processing experience with its 800-1200 Watts grinding power. This meat mincer offers you a great deal of possibilities. This machine is equipped with lots of quality accessories and it comes with a grinding head of size 12. The 12 head size is made with food grade aluminum, making it a healthy choice for your kitchen. This machine comes with 3 different grinding plates manufactured with high quality hard steel, Kubbe attachment. The STX International 3000 also comes with a set of sausage stuffing tubes.

STX International offers easy to ready and understand user manual with this product. User manual allows you to set up, use and operate this machine with ease. This meat mincer comes with three speeds, high medium and low and you can do multiple tasks at different speeds of your choice. You can opt for low speed while sausage stuffing and high speed while meat grinding. A large sized hopper is installed to process larger portions of meat in this machine.

This machine features three large blades that are easy to disassemble and wash.

Unique features:

  • It features a large 3000 Watts motor, 3 Speeds and a Circuit breaker for safety.
  • A giant 12 number head with 2” Diameter feedtube and ½” out put.
  • Package includes three mincing plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding, three stainless steel blades.
  • In the box you will also find 3 piece Kubbe attachment and Sausage tube sets.
  • 8% customer satisfaction
  • One year warranty coverage of labor, parts replace/fix


  • Easy assembling/disassembling
  • Powerful motor for quick processing
  • Warranty coverage of parts & labor
  • Accessories like Kubbe attachment and Sausage stuffer
  • Circuit breaker feature to protect motor


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Air-Cooling system is not reliable


2. STX INTERNATIONAL STX 3000 Megaforce Grinder

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF comes with a built in Air induction system that automatically prevents and increase the life of grinder. The 3000 series huge grinders offers a power of 800-1200 watts. The motor wattage goes upto 3000 Watts during casual use of this grinder. All STX products are covered under 3 years guarantee.

This aircooled meat grinders comes with lots accessories to make kubbes and create sausage stuffings. An extra user manual is given to learn and understand the features and working of this product. User manual has guidelines for cleaning, maintaining and operating this electrical grinder. This new meat grinder machine offers a #12 grinder, meat pan and a big grinding head to ensure a perfect grinding experience.

This machine comes with 3 stainless stain chopping blades, 3 hardened steel grinding plates and a wagon wheel for smooth grinding. All blades are washable in in dishwasher and you can find tips in user manual for cleaning and storage. It features a 1.25 inch hole plate for mediu, grind and 5/32 inch hole plate for fine grinding. This machine can be called best meat grinder 2017 because of its price and features.

Exclusive features:

  • Patented Air Induction cooling system, 3000 Watts Motor, 3 speeds & Circuit breaker for motor
  • Grinder size number 12, 2 ½ inch output and 2 inch feed tube for perfect results
  • Includes 3 cutting blades, 3 grinding plates of tempered steel and 3 piece set of kubbe and sausage attachment
  • One year guarantee of parts and labor


  • Kubbe and Sausage Attachment
  • Harden Carbon steel accessories in unit
  • One Year warranty
  • Power and variety professionally combined in this unit
  • Durable for longer use
  • 12 number head for large meat portions grinding


  • Requires manual washing
  • Cannot be washed in dishwasher


3. Sunmile SM G73 ETL Stainless Steel

Sunmile SM-G73 ETL is a heavy duty meat mincer falling in our article of best meat grinders 2017. This giant machine comes with 1000 Watt motor and a perfect die cast hopper allowing you to process bigger amounts of meat. A built-in Square meat tray allows you to put large amounts of meat for processing. Very easy to clean and assemble and comes with a user manual guide. Sunmile G73 includes 3 cutting blades and a set of kubbe and sausage attachments.

Cleaning of this electric meat grinder is a bit tricky and you can wash plates and blades in dish washer. However, washing screw, tube and hopper in dishwasher is not allowed by the company due to discoloration of coating duet. This product enjoys one year warranty package from company. This giant machine allows you to grind upto 100 lbs of meat. It is recommended to give rest of 10-15 minutes to machine after every 20 minutes mincing session. The housing of this machine is built with aluminum and wrapped in a stainless steel coating.


  • One year warranty coverage for parts and service
  • Includes 3 cutting blades, 3 plates and 3 pieces set of kubbe and sausage stuffing.
  • Electric meat grinding for upto 185lbs in an hour
  • Huge motor power of upto 1000 Watts
  • Meat tray for large meat portions holding
  • Polished grinding head and tubes manufactured with stainless steel
  • Excellent ventilation, Safety Switch and Low noise operation
  • Heavy duty 600 Watts power that goes upto 1000 Watts


  • Light weight reasonable priced Meat Grinder
  • Heavy Duty motor with Reverse button
  • 1 Year official warranty
  • Food pusher mode, Kubbe and Sausage kit


  • Plastic & unreliable working quality
  • Summarized user manual with no detail

4. Weston No.8 Best Commercial Meat Grinder

Commercial meat grinders are heavy duty grinders designed to work in professional environments. This Westom commercial meat grinder can be used for field fresh or farm raised meat. This grinder can be used for mincing meat for burgers and other sausages. This commercial grinder is certified by authorities for commercial use and can be used in restaurants and other food chains. It can grind upto 18lbs of meat in a minute.

The body of Westen commercial grinder is made up of stainless steel and it is equipped with 3 different stuffing funnels, 2 grinding places and stomper with a cutting knife made up of stainless steel. Using this grinder at processing wild game meat or deer and other animals meat will be of great use. Weston has created a versatile designed grinder that can easily be stored in your kitchen. This commercial grinder comes with 350 Watt motor that is perfect for commercial or domestic use.

Westom meat grinder is specially designed for commercial use and it gives optimal performance for the life time. You can easily disassemble and clean its components. This commercial electric meat grinder is covered with a one year official warranty.


  • 350 watts heavy duty motor
  • Two stainless steel grinding plates for different textures of meat
  • Permanently lubricated & Air cooled motor
  • Specially designed Fennel for sausage stuffing
  • Stomper to store attachments with a compact design
  • A large tray included for meat grinding


  • Includes rubber feet for durable use
  • Can process all kinds of game meat
  • Perfect for both commercial and domestic use
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Circuit breaker for a safe use


  • Feed need to be managed for every grind session

5. Weston No.12 Commercial Meat Grinder

At number 5 there is Weston No.12 Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder.Weston No.12 has its own unique kind of features for example this meat grinder can be more effective in quality grinding of meat through its unique cutting features which is installed in its main chopping area and through these features machines make sure the best quality of the grinded meat to you. Further on this quality chopped/ grinded meat can be used in the burgers, sausages and other breakfast ingredients etc. having said that this is not at all and now it seems very obvious that this Weston No.12 can also be used as a multiple grinder like it can be used commercially and for domestic purpose too. The difference can easily be observed through its better and effecting grinding methods of the meat, like in Weston No.12 there is very unique quality of funnels installed which can cut and grind the meat from 10mm to 400 mm and this cutting and grinding technique considered as the best technique for the making of the sausages on commercial basis. With this kind of commercial stainless Steel Meat Grinder techniques you can grind meat to make snack sticks and other delicious meals too.

Other important feature in any electric meat grinder is its cleaning issues. But not in Weston No.12 stainless steel meat grinder because it is very handy and simple to use and easily cleaned, no specific tools or technical support is needed. The reason behind that is, the machine is based on big and wide parts which can be easily washed and cleaned. For example Weston No.12 consist of a big stainless steel pan and wide steel auger and also wide feed assembly which allows the maximum capacity of meat to grind and it also easily cleaning and washed. With this wide built of the machine, it gives the liberty to grind 7 to 9 pounds per minute meat which is very fast as comparted to other machines and with this speed and efficiency this electric grinder can grind 540 pounds of meat in just one hour time. After this the question of durability raised, is this machine is durable? The answer is yes. In context of its durability, it is very important to mention that its parts which are made up of metal and can easily be taken care of with the proper greasing and oiling for the greater durability and smooth working of the machine if needed.

In any electronic appliances the one of the important thing to examine is the stability and safety of the machine. In this regard Weston No.12 is considered to be the very reliable machine because the problems related to safety and stability is well addressed. In Weston No.12 modern types of the circuit breakers used to secure the motor area of the machine from any electric shock. Weston No.12 is made on very modern concept all the features which is installed in it. Featured stainless steel cutting blades and plates make this machine more effective. This machine also gives 1- year warranty to its customers and also rubber feet for maximum stability. This machine can work in any temperature because it is based on the air cooled system and also there is no need to lubricate the machine. These all modern designed feature make this machine less in weight and effective and best in durability and stability. Weston No.12 Commercial Stainless Steel Meat Grinder is just almost 42- pounds only.

Key Features:

  • Extra wide throat with ransacked head makes this machine as the high speed grinder in the market.
  • With modern accessories and engineered methods the durability and performance of the machine is increased.
  • Auto Air Cooled and lubricated technology allows the machine to work effectively and quietly.
  • Machine has this unique feature of hand guard and reverse function.
  • All Parts are stain less steel which shows the greater durability of the machine.
  • Machine can be easily Disassemble for storage and cleaning too.
  • Modern design of the machine make it portable to use.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Machine also consist of stainless steel plates for 4.5 mm with 7 mm coarse and stainless steel knife.


Machine has Big Piece Auger.

  • All parts of the machine is made of stainless steel.
  • Simple to use and Clean
  • Machine consist of powerful machine motor with metal gears.
  • Long-lasting and steady meat pan.
  • Machine consist of powerful machine motor with metal gears.


  • Machine has no reverse.
  • Heavy machine.

6. Sunmile SM G31 ETL Best Meat Grinder

Other electric meat grinder which is very prominent of its powerful motor and a die-cast metallic hopper is Sunmile SM-G31 ETL. This machine has the power of 250- watt. Its powerful motor allows the machine to mince the large portion of meat in a smaller period of time very easily. It feature also enhance the durability and also guarantee the long-term efficiency of this machine. The modern design of Die–cast grinder head gives unique experience of grinding to its usurers and also with this modern design it also last for a longer period of time as well. This machine also has a square removable tray made up of aluminium for the carrying of the good quantity of the meat.

Sunmile SM-G31 ETL electric meat grinder is consist of three cutting plates with the convenient on and off switch make the work of this machine more easy. The SM-G31 ETL grinder have features the 250W rated power capacity and total maximum meat mincer power is 800W. Which makes this machine prominent in context of motor power through it can mince all kinds of the meats easily.

Sunmile SM-G31 ETL electric meat grinder comes with following accessories: one year product warranty, Meat grinder, sausages attachments and plastic made foot pusher, stainless steel chopping blade, stainless steel chopping plates. The plates and the cutting blades are safe for the dish washer.

Key Features:

  • Total power of machine is 800W for domestic use and rated power is 250W.
  • Aluminium Tube and screws, Detachable plates, Stainless steel blades.
  • Complete package of accessories, like one Cutting blade and 3 sausages attachment along with a plastic food pusher, three cutting plates.
  • ON and OFF switch for easy handling.
  • ETL certificated.
  • 150 pounds grinding capacity in hour time.


  • Large try made of Aluminum for meat.
  • Easy and less time consuming machine.
  • Reasonable machine to make sausages and grind meat.
  • Safe and easily use domestically.
  • Good for making all kinds of meat like coarse-textured meat, fine and medium.


  • Extra Stuffer may be needed for sausages.
  • It’s hard to push mince out via attachment with force.


7. Della 1400 Watt Girnder

Della 1400 Watt- Industrial Electric Meat grinder at No.7 on the electric meat grinders list. The prominent feature in Della 1400 watt industrial Electric meat grinder is its powerful motor of 1400 watt.  With this kind of powerful motor it is easy to grind and make any kind of meat either its meatloaf, hamburger, wild boar, elk, deer, venison or sausages etc. This machine is convenient for the both purposes; the commercial and domestic.

Della 1400 Watt- Industrial Electric Meat grinder is a powerful machine and made with the stainless steel body design. The safety system is good and based on the powerful circuit breaker which helps to prevent the main motor from heavy electric shock. This machine is also easy to clean and stored because of its easily detachable parts. With its wide throat design big meat can easily be grinded in the machine, this machine can manage to grind 3 to 4 pounds of meat in a single minute of time. Kubee Attachment feature is also available for the making of stuffed meat food in this machine. Grinder of the machine is made of ABS Plastic, Aluminum and metal which also can be easily cleaned.

Key Features:

  • Different types of plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinding.
  • Versatile grater with three kinds of cutting accessories.
  • Powerful motor of 1400W.
  • Compact stomper to store attachments.


  • Easily assemble and reasonable in price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Different sizes of meat can be made easily.
  • Chicken bones can be grinned easily for dog food.
  • Efficient to grind up deer meat and make jerky.


  • Sound of the machine is loud.
  • Machine may get off and smells like motor burning.

8. Shield Distribution 2.6 HP 2000 Grinder

This machine is made with the aluminum and stainless steel. This sausage grinder can be used both as the commercial and domestic purposes. It has a powerful motor of 2,6HP, along with reverse and forward function.

Question is what is the prominent feature of this shield distribution 2.6HP 2000 Watt sausage grinder? The answer is very simple, its three cutting accessories and multi- purpose grater. This feature of this machine makes your life easier, this can grind you food/meat in many of the kinds like it can make coarse, fine and medium. This machine is made with high quality of metals and may last for longer period of time.

Key Features:

  • Unique grater with three cutting accessories for grinding of meat.
  • Head and tray is made with metal.
  • Kubbe attachment to make stuff meat dishes.
  • Powerful motor of 2000W output peak rate.
  • Compact design of stomper to store attachment.


  • Machine has three cutting accessories and multi-purpose grater.
  • Powerful motor of 2000W.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Long-lasting grinder.
  • Machine has all metal components.


  • Higher level of noise.
  • Stuffing tube is missing

9. Shield Distribution 2.6 HP 2000 Grinder

TMS Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Mincer is an ideal machine for the both commercial and domestic purpose. This machine have many features and functions the main feature of this machine is that user can make burgers, sausages, meatloaf etc. This Industrial meat mincer have the unique cutlery-grade steel cuttings blade and three cutting plates which can grind the meat in all the three kinds fine, medium and coarse.This meat blender also have powerful have 110V/60HZ and motor of 2000W output along with 2.6HP rated motor. The use of the machine is very easy and simple because of its modern design. Auger and hopper are made of cast aluminium. The control of the machine is simple too. This machine can operate in three speeds like low, high and reverse. There are many other special features of this machine’s grinder like it has food pusher, three durable cutting plates and also have kubbe attachment too.

Key Features:

  • Unique grinder feature enable you to cook meatloaf, sausages and burgers.
  • High power industrial meat mill of 2000 Watt and 2.6 HP.
  • With feature of Cutlery-grade cutting blades of stainless steel and 3 cutting plates can make medium, coarse and fine meat.
  • Machine is made of aluminium.
  • User manual is available for user guidance.


  • Machine has total weight of 25 pounds.
  • Motor power of 2000 Watt.
  • Durable enough for industrial uses.
  • Easily handle large jobs.
  • Comes with the useful accessories.


  • Sausage attachment can be missing.

10. Shield Distribution 2.6 HP 2000 Grinder

STX International STX-1800-MG electric meat grinder is a durable machine made of stainless steel. It has the grinding head features aluminum pan for meat with one hopper opening, this large opening enable the big cuts. Another prominent feature is that it has three beautiful grinding plates made of stainless steel, plates have the diameter of “2 5/8”. This meat mincer also have 3 years of 100% guarantee. You can get a replacement in 90 days if your product is defective or becomes faulty. The remaining warranty period is covered by parts guarantee and free labor. The initial 90 days are covered by money back guarantee.

This machine also comes with the 3 tubes of sausages stuffing, one kubbe attachment and 3 cutting blades. It is designed with 12 grinding heads that made with polished aluminum. An extra feature of tomato juice attachment is also available in this machine

Key Features:

  • For the user convenience grinder size is 12.
  • Customer satisfaction rate is 99.8 percent.
  • Patented air induction and cowl cooking system with a locked motor of 3000 watts.
  • Circuit breakers for maximum security.
  • One year 100 percent replacement or fix warranty for labour and parts.
  • Tomato juice attachment and accessories are included to make fresh tomato juice


  • The machine have 1-year warranty for labour and parts both.
  • Attachments for tomato juicer.
  • Three speeds of efficient grinding.
  • 12-inches head for grinder.
  • Machine have 3 grind plates.


  • Sausage attachments are designed with plastic.
  • A little heavy grinding machine.


We all know that good eating habits lead to good health and for that we have to take control of what we eat. Having a meat grinder at home allows you to take control of what type of meat you eat. Grinding meat at home makes it easy for you to meet your health and taste goals by grinding meat according to your taste and liking. A best meat grinder 2017 allows you to control thickness of meat and grind it according to your requirements. Grinding meat at home also gives you an edge of avoiding all the nasty chemicals and additives used by commercial markets in meat products.

So if you are planning to buy a new meat grinder for your home, you can consider our best meat grinder 2017 reviews for a better selection process.